Build It and They Will Come

For those gamers who love exploring massive open worlds, BitBox Ltd. offers Life Is Feudal: Your Own. A true sandbox role-playing game, Life Is Feudal brings up to 64 players together into their own shared, private world. The players can build homes, castles, and even entire cities on custom-terraformed land, both above and below ground. However, the game is about more than just building.

A free-form battle system allows players to go head-to-head with medieval weapons, swinging freely and aiming strategically to exploit the game's ultra-realistic damage system. Players can even group into realistic battle formations, earning bonuses for their squads based on the quality of their organization.

For those who prefer their medieval lifestyle with fewer battles, the game supports a vast array of creative pursuits, including crafting, cooking, alchemy, farming, and animal husbandry. Since no RPG would be complete without an extensive progression system, Life Is Feudal brings it all together, tying progression speed to the quality of food each player's character consumes.

Currently available for PC on Steam Early Access, Life Is Feudal is due for full release this fall. However, this is just the start, because in 2016, BitBox plans to expand the experience with Life Is Feudal: MMO, which will bring all the activities of Life Is Feudal: Your Own into a vast, shared, persistent world. The game will introduce new features like guild-versus-guild battles, global politics, and trading--and making a big game even bigger.

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