ArenaNet Cuts to the Heart of It

ArenaNet's Guild Wars 2 is all about personalizing the MMO experience, and this year, its ambitious plan is to take that concept even further with the game's first-ever expansion, Heart of Thorns for PC.

Gamers will customize their characters in Hearts of Thorns' new Mastery system by earning legendary weapons and learning skills like hang gliding. The game's new specializations like Dragonhunter and Chronomancer unlock new traits, skills, and mechanics, while the new Revenant profession grants gamers the power of the Mists.

Beyond character customization, a new zone in the game--Heart of the Maguuma Jungle--lets players make their mark on the world by building their own Guild Halls. Guild Halls provide access to special items, activities, and buffs, and can be used to stage mock battles and display trophies. Best of all, they bring a new Guild-centric profession, the Scribe, which gives the ability to craft useful Guild items.

Heart of Thorns also introduces new storylines, challenges, and boss fights, and two new ways for players to compete: a new guild-against-guild Stronghold mode, and a new trap-laden World vs. World map.

From the start, Guild Wars 2 has focused on bringing gamers the most personal, in-depth MMO experience possible, and the Heart of Thorns expansion offers a range of new ways for players to create their own stories.

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